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I just wanted to post a quick Hi and let everyone know that I took over this comm so it will not be closing:)

jussy_baby started challenge 17 which never went to voting. I hope to have the voting post up by Dec 15th, but in the mean time it's not too late to add icons (even if it does say deadline was Dec 2). As long as they are left in a comment by Dec 14th they will count! You can post your icons here for challenge 17.

I don't want to make huge changes to this, but I would love any suggestions to make it more active. I am thinking of including banners, wallpapers, headers, ect to the monthly challenges. Please leave a comment below with any suggestions. :)
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Mod post

It's a big step, but I want to give up this community. I have no interest in moderating this community anymore and would like to close it. Sorry for all who were very active the last year and submitted their icons.

If anyone is willing to take it over, please comment. If you would have experience in moderating a community that would be helpful for me to decide. If I won't get a reply until December 10th I will close the community.
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Challenge #17

Kind of challenge: icon challenge
Theme: behind the scenes
Desciption: Your icon(s) must show Tommy backstage or at home or with friends or fans.

• You can use any pictures which fit the theme.
• Do not post your icons anywhere else until the voting is over.
• Only brand new icons for tjr_challenges are allowed.
• You can use any brushes, filters, etc. you want.

• Icons must be 100x100 pixels and < 40KB.
• No animations.
• You can enter up to 5 icons.
• Please post the image + URL at the comments.

• All comments will be screened.
• Please leave a comment for any questions.
Deadline is November 27.